Episode 39

Published on:

21st Oct 2020

S2E39: Bo (Melson) Knows Soccer

Bo (Melson) knows soccer.  

Brodee Scott and Tim Van Horn sit down for a chat with Memphis' first African-American professional soccer player.

A graduate of Germantown High School, Bo was feared for his speed and first touch.  Bo talks about his club days and the opportunity to shine nationally for this country.  He is very candid about race relations during that time, and he explains why the soccer community is like family.

Strong on the ball and big on heart, Bo chose to ply his collegiate trade at then-Memphis State University (10 goals, 8 assists in just 20 games) before a professional career was too good of a choice to turn down.

Bo talks about the Memphis Rogues, the Memphis Americans and his goal scoring exploits as a Kangaroo.

Thanks to Bo Melson for joining us.

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My 3 Subs: A Soccer Odyssey
Tim Van Horn & Brodee Scott bring you interviews with soccer's newsmakers plus news from around the sport.
A color commentator for Memphis 901 FC of the USL Championship & the Memphis Americans of the National Indoor Soccer League, Tim Van Horn goes studs up into the soccer world. News from leagues around the world, injury & transfer news, and guests so compelling you'll be begging for added time!

Brodee Scott brings his extensive broadcast and podcast background to the team. He's an Arsenal fan thru & thru (bless his heart!) and makes a podcast more fun than it should ever be.

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Tim Van Horn is Color Analyst for Memphis 901 FC (USL Championship) & the Memphis Americans (National Indoor Soccer League). He has spent decades playing at the amateur level, impressively racking up yellow cards in two different countries.